Voices and counting

Write a short message to the leaders of our Catholic Church telling them why women should be represented alongside them in decision-making roles.

View the hundreds of images and messages from devout Catholics across the globe who want their voice heard. We seek to empower women and men of all ages at a local and regional level for gender equality in the Catholic Church leadership.


Norma Harrington


Bosco Malapatti


What am I supporting by writing a message through this campaign? 
You are supporting the message that Catholic women must be part of leadership and decision making structures of the Catholic Church in order for increased transparency, accountability and above all equality in this system.

Do I have to upload a photograph of myself? 
We prefer to have a simple face shot of each of the supporters of the campaign due to this being a visual petition. If you decide not to add your photo, we do require at the very least your first and last name.

Why do you require my full name? 
This campaign must be transparent if we want to be genuine about raising awareness about the issue of gender equality in the leadership of the Catholic Church.

I am worried about adding my picture due to working in a Catholic institution?
We have received emails of people who support the campaign but do not want to share their identity due to working inside a Catholic organisation. We believe that until we overcome this silence that the Church has reinforced through hierarchal systems that exclude women, we will never be able to move forward. We can only encourage you to share your voice amongst others to build this movement into one that cannot be ignored.

Will adding my message mean I will receive updates on the progression of this campaign? 
No, we have purposely not asked people to add their email addresses as part of uploading a message. If you want to be kept up to date by this campaign, please subscribe by entering your email at the footer of this website.