Pieralfonso Iacono

The Church has always claimed that Jesus Christ chose the 12 male Apostles and no woman. So women leadership worth being excluded a priori because woman seems to be inferior.
Furthermore there’s a millenary matter to respect. We can not destroy centuries and centuries of story within an istitution ever-using resilience as its strongest asset.
But are we certain the Jesus choise doesn’t hide a different interpretation??? Why Jesus tells the apostles off over and over again along the way and is never aggressive with women? Rather he embraces them with love and not condemnes them.
Women seem not to need to be forgiven, like if they were already covered of that holiness very dear to God (let’s think to the work of the Queen of Scotland St. Margareth and Santa Teresa del Bambino Gesù!!!), men do. An apostolate (the men one) to confirm their faith which seems had been brought to question and requires a path of reconversion.
Saint Paul the apostle tells us God composed the body to grant there wasn’t disunion (within the body) and that the body is one, but the limbs which it is composed of are many, each one different from other, according to God’s will. So it seems that the role given to woman by the Church is the spiritual motherhood, giving that God gifted her the power of heart (Cardinal Athanasius Schneider, Christus Vincit).
Today the body rose up and works no longer. It’s dying. The Church has proved more and more times that men leaders are not able to manage the task God entrusted them, that is the head, the government of institution. Lastly the gender matter.
Today a new body is born and it has to be different from ever. Today we need a body acting with heart and not by head, too often source of bad ideas.
Who betrayed Jesus Christ? A man or a woman? He did it pushed by his heart or by his diabolic mind?
Nevertheless each limb announces its diversity (according to God’s will) as it starts to be part of the whole (the body). So the body action is something where head and heart inevitably blend each other into one. As a consequence, what will be the difference if we put heart in place of head, given that the body will always remain one and only one and its action will follow only one way, a shared way???
We’re facing a historic crisis where interchange of roles becomes fundamental, not only in terms of age, but even in terms of genre and nature.
I for one claim that this is the moment to create in the midst of the Church a second college of ministers (called College of Preistesses) exclusively reserved to priestesses and working as a second parliamentary Chamber counterbalancing the men leadership in the Church (represented by the College of Cardinals), so that each Synod of Bishops would be flanked by a synod of Priestesses, gathering separately but coming up with decisions by common consent (like the two chambers of the Italian parliament: Senate and Chamber of Deputies).