Naralia Styawn

Much of St. Joseph Sr. Christine Schenk’s “Women demonstrate what the priesthood of Jesus truly means” rings true. (Except the sentence that avers that there was/is nothing that can be done about president bloviator).

The “lockdown” and hiatus on liturgical observance feeds my preoccupation with “incarnation.” Like Schenk, I am more convinced (as our doctrine states) that “sacraments are outward signs.” The balance between “instituted by Christ to give grace” or by an institution to retain subservience is up for grabs.

However we interpret the “supper,” it is reprehensible to deny the significance that he chose womb as his entry into creation, male followed. Jesus is no more bound by bread and wine than he was by tomb. Sacramental subservience in our tradition sacrifices incarnation upon the altar of self-interest. The reality that Jesus lives is profoundly diminished by burying it in the over-emphasis on “the real presence,” in a building, by male confection. The real “real presence” is Christ incarnate. Nowhere is the teaching (message) of Christ incarnate more vividly demonstrated than in the multilayered immersion in woman, through woman and with women. The creator missioned the word to humanity in conception, gestation, birth and nurturing by woman.

If, as church yells so superficially, if, Mary is the new Eve, our Mother, then acknowledge with profound admission that Mary is priest, ordained; the feminine is called.