Michelle Murray

When I attend Mass over my lifetime, I reflect upon how I continue to hear thoughts, opinions, and interpretations of men. That is the lens through which I see within the Church over my entire lifetime. It is not healthy for men and women/boys and girls to hear and see through one lens. Women should be represented alongside men in decision making roles so that the whole of humanity is involved in the outcome. Women also evolved into being just like men. The Institutional Church must change in its structure and teachings if it is to be credible and survive into the future. It is my experience as a mother of three young adults that my daughter is as sacred as my sons with the ability to discern God’s will for her life. I find male only representation at this point in time to be oppressive, a distortion of our Creator’s will, and a practice which I can no longer support. It is harmful to my family. I recognize that there are many forms of abuse besides physical abuse, and the Church’s structure, limited use of symbols, and the language used in song, prayer, and liturgy is psychologically and spiritually abusive to me. When will the Church integrate science into its teachings and practices. So many women have been trained to transform the Church in ritual, language, and symbol and overcome this narrow understanding of God. The neglect of women is directly tied to the way the Church views women and also leads to the domination of the planet. We need women leadership now, not just for women, but for all humans and all of Creation!