Mary Breen

Dear Pope Francis,
You so eloquently and faithfully call us to show mercy and compassion to the weak, the weary. the underserved among us. And I have worked th to this end for my adult life.

I am 72 years old. I want to know where the compassion and justice can be found for women like myself. I lead workshops on powerful women in our sacred scripture, yet cannot teach about women in high levels of leadership and ministry in our church.

Pope Francis, our Church is at a critical crossroad in history. Organisms, and our church is an precious organism. But organisms that do not adapt to the challenges of a changing environment, do not survive.

Please take this message to heart. Pray, as we women pray for you, for the courage and the grace to lead our world church to a extraordinary change of heart and direction. Bring us, the neglected and the disenfranchised members of Christ’s Body, to our full and rightful role in our church. Faithfully, Mary Breen. Archdiocese of Hartford, CT, USS