Marty Meyer-Gad

Is it time for the Roman Catholic Church to go into captivity, much like the Israelites did? When the Israelites returned from the Babylonian Captivity they rebuilt the temple according to its original plan. Martin Luther’s demand to return the Catholic Church to its historic roots went unanswered.
Today, ordained Roman Catholic Women Priests and their worshipping communities again call the Church to its roots. Like the early church each community gathers to hear God’s Word proclaimed and experience the sacrament of Jesus present. The words and rituals come from the heart of the community, rooted in the history of the communities of believers.
Would that like the early church all dress appropriately, with less relics of past centuries to identify individuals as not equal to the others.
Without women in leadership, will women gain control of their bodies with no church interference? Will abortion, contraception, all bedroom activities return to the privacy of the bedroom? Will sexual identity be accepted as a scientific reality and nurtured. Will violence against any person: physical, verbal, non-verbal be condemned no matter who is the perpetrator?
Will the male Catholic hierarchy’s refusal to return to the role of servant leaders equal among all baptized women and men, destroy the Church’s viability? Will the Catholic women of today be invited to vocally and effectively de-barnacle the Church? Or will women and enlightened men need to create a renewed Church to rise from the embers as today’s hierarchical church is snuffed out?