I can’t believe that in today’s world we still have men and only men making decisions for all members of our Catholic church. On that point alone our church is deemed to be not relevant today by a large number of both men and women. We need to listen to all the voices, regardless of their gender and be brave enough to act for positive change, in order to create a vibrant relevant church for our people. When the Archbishop of Melbourne rejects a proposal to have Sr Joan Chittister (an 83 year old nun) speak at an upcoming Catholic Education Conference we know we are in trouble. What danger could she possibly be? What threat could she possibly pose – except to offer a strong, wise, faithfilled woman’s perspective. What is our church hierarchy afraid of? Where would they be without women? How can they continue with their current view of women and expect there to still be a church. If our church won’t lead the way with how women are viewed and treated why do we expect things to change in the rest of the world. This is more than about decision making in our church it is about the treatment of women in our world.