Ann Wingert

THE FAITHFUL ARE BEING DRIVEN FROM THE CHURCH BY PAGAN CLERICS WHO CAN NOT CONCEIVE OF ANYTHING HOLIER THAN THEIR EXTRA SPECIAL, ONTOLOGICALLY ENDOWED PENISES – THAT ALLOW THEM TO RAPE CHILDREN WITH IMPUNITY – A Doctrine that they have proudly & meticulously documented IN CANON LAW! The clergy see nothing wrong with what they have done. They were just exercising their god given rights to rape children. When enough women figure out that the vatican allowed all those children to be raped because of their firm belief in the sanctity of their penises, there won’t be 2 bricks left standing in the vatican. Studies say that only 1% of predators are redeemable the rest see absolutely nothing wrong in what they are doing.

The Australian canon lawyer and the sociologist published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (buy on line for real money) . I verified the information with the author of the second book and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight. A third is “Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church; An Interpretive Review of the Literature and Public Inquiry Report” another free download through the Center for Global Research; School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT Both books thoroughly document how the vatican ORDERED the bishops to protect the pedophiles starting 100 years ago. &

Haven’t you noticed that the pedophilia reports are the same world wide? The above documents explain how the VATICAN ORDERED THE PEDOPHILIA COVERUP STARTING 100 YEARS AGO. They made the Church a magnet for every pedophile on the planet.
NBC broke the news that the vatican ‘legalized’ pedophilia starting 100 years ago! I just found out it in one of the Facebook pages I track.

I was a 50 year plus Roman Catholic watching the pedophile crisis in horror, especially when the previous entity in possession of the vatican compared women who want to be priests to pedophiles. Then the PA bishops ordered all the priests to blatantly lie about PA Bill 1947 which extended the statute of limitations on pedophiles. I complained to my local priest; who handed out the “Catholic’ League’s Essay “Women’s Moral Descent” with its theme that men have the right and moral obligation to decide which women deserve to be raped. I called my daughter at college, crying, saying that all the priests were depraved perverts totally dedicated to worshipping their dicks. Her response, “Duh, Mom!. I’m sorry you had to figure it out in such a painful way.

From what I can tell, this campaign was led by Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput (Slap You). – Archbishop Chaput is listed as a major supporter of Bill Donahue’s ‘Catholic’ League.- Bill Donahue’s opinion was the “the Bill had only ONE purpose – To Stick it to Catholics” – implying he believes pedophilia is right exclusive to Catholics. Bill Donahue is a believer in ‘Catholic astrology.. Archbishop Slap You has singlehandedly done the most to jeopardize Catholic Youth and their faith. He was just chosen to go to the vatican’s Youth Sin Nod
I will NEVER set foot in a Catholic Church again because I will LITERALLY BE DAMMED IF I WORSHIP THE GREAT PENIS IN THE SKY TO WHICH YOU MUST SACRIFICE CHILDREN! “Men Explain Religion to Me’ subverting God to promote paganism, rape, murder, homophobia, and pedophilia. My $6,000 vanity press of my spiritual journey from 3-4 time a week, 50+ year, cradle Catholic to rabid anti-catholic crusader under the tutelage of the poops, the bishops, especially Philadelphia Archbishop Slap You and his mouthpiece, Bill Donahue.

Send a copy of the below to your favorite local pagan this Christmas.

Then it got even worse. I checked this with one of the Australian writing collaborators and the legal firm named in the movie “Spotlight.” Pre Benne Dick, I wouldn’t have believed any of this. Now, I believe every word. The “mercy” prayer”, endorsing men murdering wives by false claims of adultery helped convince me.
If you care, I also intend to respond to the Marriot’s survey on how was your stay – Following the Catholic Church’s policy of treating the faithful as vermin to be removed while protecting the pedophiles.