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Voices and counting


Voices and counting


More than half of Catholics are women. However, decisions that affect all Catholics are made only by men. If we continue making one-sided decisions, we put the relevance and longevity of the Catholic Church at risk.

We need more voices to speak for our faith. Let’s start with voices representing half the Catholic Church.

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Write a message to the leaders of the Catholic Church telling them why women should be represented alongside them in decision making roles. Help us make this campaign too loud to ignore. The more voices that speak up, the more urgent it becomes for leaders of the Church to listen.

Scroll through the pictures and messages below from women and men across the globe who want their voice heard.

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Option 2

Make your voice heard with Instagram

  1. Open Instagram and upload a clear photo of yourself
  2. Write a message explaining why female leadership is needed in the Catholic Church
  3. Add the hashtag #overcomingsilence before you post


Voices and counting


What can be done?_

We have three clear goals for the Catholic Church to begin putting women in positions of influence. Our demands are clear. We must make them loud.

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Women have voting rights in future synods._

In recent synods, religious brothers have been given voting rights.

Religious sisters have exactly the same official standing as religious brothers. Yet no sister has ever been given the same voting right.

In October 2019, the Synod on Amazonia is planned and we want religious sisters to cast their first votes here.

Women begin assuming Vatican leadership roles._

Pope Francis has appointed three female Undersecretaries under his leadership. But no woman has ever been appointed to the most senior levels of the Roman Curia, despite these positions being open to women.

Let’s overcome this glass ceiling for women at the global head office of the Catholic Church.

An official process of change to bring women to leadership roles at all levels in the Catholic Church._

We need a global process to hear diverse women’s voices, discuss practical solutions and establish clear plans of inclusion of women’s voices in decision-making.

What could an open, consultative process in the Catholic Church look like? We must begin to discuss this now.