Votes for Catholic Women Educational Resource

Download this educational resource that explains how synods work in the Roman Curia and our hope for women religious to be able to vote at the upcoming Pan-Amazonia Synod in October 2019.

Ambassador Guide

Use this guide to be our local ambassador in your town, and help us spread the message of gender equality in the leadership of the Catholic Church!

Global Prayer for Equality

A global prayer that we encourage our supporters to pray every Thursday, in partnership with Fahr Monastery and Prioress Irene Gassman. Download and share the prayer with your family, friends, parish and school group.


Download and share the Overcoming Silence campaign brochure_



This document aims to give our readers an overview of the current leadership and decision-making structures at the Vatican as well as a brief history of women in leadership. It will outline three concrete areas of change needed to make gender equality a priority in the Catholic Church_



This animation explains the structure of the departments and leadership opportunities in the Church. With so many potential decision-making roles there are plenty of opportunities for women to have an influence_