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Globally, the issue of women in leadership have become national initiatives focused on supporting the higher representation of women in leadership positions in the workforce.

Women make up more than half of the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. So why are so few represented in leadership and decision making roles inside the global church?

Tell Pope Francis why this must change.

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Campaign Goals

We have three clear goals for the Catholic Church to begin putting women in positions of influence. Our demands are clear. We must make them loud.


Write your message

Write a short message to the leaders of our Catholic Church telling them why women should be represented alongside them in decision making roles.


Women in the Vatican

We need to talk honestly and openly about women being represented in leadership, and in decision making roles in the Catholic Church.

1639 Voices and counting

Click on the pictures below, from faithful Catholics across the globe who want their voice heard, and read their messages.

Educational Resources

Download our free resources and learn why female leadership is crucial to the future of our Catholic Church. Use these resources to speak out in your community, school, university or parish and help us spread the word and collect more messages.

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